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Reflections and thoughts for myself and my family

Dean’s Personal Philosophy

My guiding principles: Kaizen (Continuous improvement):   I may not be good at something, but if I set a goal to achieve in that area, stay focused, work to improve 1% a day, and then over a year’s/lifetime that 1% will be compounded.   Malcolm Gladwell in … Continue reading

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Book: Rich Kid, Smart Kid by Robert Kiyosaki

I have been reading a lot of books on finances and real estate.  One book that has struck me enough to blog about it is a book titled “Rich Kid, Smart Kid” by Robert Kiyosaki.  I have read a bunch … Continue reading

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Personal: Goals for 2013

I am working on my goals for 2013.  I thought about my goals by looking at the different roles/aspects of my life and then setting goals in those areas.   My roles/aspect categories are: Financial/Business Physical Fitness and Health Mental and … Continue reading

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Personal: Goal Setting

Every year, I set goals for the upcoming year.   This year in preparation for it, I read Brian Tracy’s book on Goals.   I highly recommend it.  I learned techniques that I will be apply this year and will have to … Continue reading

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Dean’s Book List

Real Estate Equity Happens (9/10):  I really liked this book and have read it multiple times.  First part really motivates me every time that I read it.  Second part has great information on real estate investing fundamentals. Finance The Creature … Continue reading

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Family: Kaizen – Continuous Daily Improvement

One of the core values in our family is Kaizen which I explain to them is continuous daily improvement.  My kids are all in school and one of the challenges is tests.  One of my sons didn’t do so well … Continue reading

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Real Estate: Reading “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin

Started reading “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, a book on the Federal Reserve.   It is very interesting and shocking.  I am only 40 pages into it and have learned a lot.  As I read this book, I keep thinking how can … Continue reading

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Real Estate: Just finished reading “Equity Happens”

I just finished reading “Equity Happens” (can be found on Amazon here).   It was a good book.  The first part is a story that is very compelling to get my butt moving on building a real estate investment portfolio.  The second … Continue reading

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