Office 365: Fixing Directory Synchronization (Issue #2)

In the previous blog post, I walked through how we upgraded from the Preview Azure AD Connect to the release version of Azure AD Connect in the attempts of fixing the directory synchronization issue. I thought that we had solved it until I got another e-mail from Office 365 stating that Directory Synchronization was unhealthy. I checked the Office 365 portal and noticed again that directory synchronization had not occurred in the last 70 hours.


[Note: In this blog post, I refer to troubleshooting steps that I explain in the previous blog post. Please refer back to that post to get the more details].

I loaded up the Directory Synchronization tool (miisclient.exe) and noticed that synchronization had not been running since the date/time that I had installed the tool (back on 10/19).


I checked the Scheduled Tasks and noticed that the DirSync task should have run today (10/22).


I ran a manual full sync using the command: DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe initial


I looked at the logs and noticed that the synchronization worked.


I checked the portal and noticed that Office 365 registered the synchronization.


It appears that the default scheduled task that was created by the Azure AD Connect installer is not working or doesn’t have the appropriate rights. So, we created a new scheduled task to run the Directory Synchronization task.

Launch the Task Scheduler and on the right, select Create task. Specify a name and give a description to alert others what the task is for.   Selected “Run whether user is logged on or not” and checked “Run with highest privileges


Go to the Triggers tab. I selected New and configured the Trigger to run every “3 hours” (need to type it in) and run for a duration of “Indefinitely


Go to the Actions tab. I selected New and selected Browse and browsed to the DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe


Pressed ok to save the task I needed to specify the account that will perform the directory synchronization.

I then disabled the original task that was created by the Azure AD Connect installer since it wasn’t working.


Then I ran the new task that I created


I went to the MIISClient and confirmed that the sync job was running:


I checked it later and it was still running happily.   I’ll let everyone know if I encounter another problem.



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