Microsoft Announces Public Trial of Voice Capabilities Coming in Office 365

Microsoft announced the public trial/beta of the new voice/telephony abilities coming in the Office 365.   See here for the announcement.   This preview allows people to try the new telephony capabilities that are coming in Office 365. 

In this preview, you can register and experience the following cool new capabilities:

  • Broadcast Meetings:   In the past with Lync and Skype For Business, you were limited to having a maximum of 250 people in one meeting in Office 365.   Now with the coming Broadcast Meeting capability, you can broadcast a meeting to 10,000 attendees who can attend via a browser.   This broadcast meeting is primarily one way to deliver content from a source to many attendees (e.g. Company All Hands meeting, webinar)
  • PSTN Conferencing:  In the past with Office 365, you could host audio/video conferences but everyone needed to join via the Lync client to attend.   You could add a phone number for attendees to dial-in to join the audio conference call but this required working with a 3rd party audio conferencing provider to provide this capability.  Now with this release, Microsoft will provide the dial-in phone number.
  • Cloud PSTN Conferencing:   In this past with Office 365, users could communicate with instant messaging, audio/video calls, and desktop sharing.  But the users needed to use the Lync or Skype For Business clients.  With this capability, users will be able to make and receive phone calls.  This is great for business who don’t want to maintain a phone system (PBX).  They can move/port their employees phone numbers to Office 365 so that employees can retain their phone number.  Now, their employees can make and receive phone calls as before except now its integrated into the Lync/Skype For Business client in Office 365.

See the above announcement for more details.

To register for the Preview,  go to:

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