Passed 70-533 Azure Infrastructure Exam Today!!

Yay.  I have been spending my evenings and weekends for the last couple months studying for the Azure Infrastructure Exam (70-533).  Today, I took it and passed! Smile

To prepare, I used

  • Exam Skill Areas Covered (here).   Review the topics covered and make sure that you understand all those areas.  There are 6 core areas.  The exam covered all of them. 
  • Study PowerShell.  The exam asked how to do things with Powershell.  So, you need to know how to do things not only through the Management portal and Preview portal but also through PowerShell.  There were some specific questions on knowing the order of the commands and syntax.
  • Memorize the various tiers of services (Basic, Standard, and Premium) and make sure you understand the thresholds why you would use one tier over the other.
  • I used the following resources:
    • MS Press Book on 70-533 (here).  This was my primary resource
    • Azure Documentation on website.  There are tons of documentation on the Azure website (here)
    • Azure for IT Pros webinars (here)
    • Azure Friday’s webinars (here)
    • Azure Microsoft Virtual Academy (here)
    • Hours of hands-on working with Azure.  I highly recommend not only reading the material, watching the webinars, but also doing and getting hands-on with PowerShell, Xplat-Cli, Management Portal, Preview Portal, and Visual Studio

Good Luck if you’re also studying for the exam.  Now, I going to focus on 70-534

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