Real Estate: Getting Started

I have been talking to a couple folks about real estate investing and they had some questions on getting started.  So, I decided to write a blog post on it.  I believe that to begin real estate investing, it’s important to get educated first.  One of the podcasts that I follow Real Estate Radio Guys has a saying:  “Education for effective action”

I have noticed a couple ways that people get started in real estate investing:

  • Option #1:  Get started.  Invest money.  Make mistakes.  Most likely lose money.  Get discouraged, quit, and say real estate investing doesn’t work.  [Not Recommended]
  • Option #2:  Watch a late night infomercial.  Spend thousands of dollars on a real estate course and then have no money left to invest.  [Not Recommended.]
  • Option #2:  Do some studying with some free to low-cost resources.  Find some mentors.  Develop your real estate plan, goals, and strategy.  Get started.  Make money [Recommended Smile]

I highly believe that its better to learn from others that have gone before you as much as possible.  Real estate investing is not new and there are hundreds of folks doing it so most likely the scenario that you are looking at or question you have has been encountered by others.  Also today, there are many free to low-cost resources that can help you get educated.

So how do I get educated you ask?  I have some free to low-cost recommendations:

  • Learn while you drive to work.  Listen to podcasts while driving or sitting in traffic.
  • Read books.  Turn off the TV, and invest 15+ min/night reading in your future.
  • Associate with other real estate investors.

Here is a list of resources that I recommend and use:

Well.  That’s a bunch.  Don’t feel that you have to do all this at once.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Start small.  Start by downloading ITunes and subscribing to the podcasts above.  Start by listening to the podcasts while driving or working out.

Get the book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.   Start reading it.

I’ll update more on this later.  Have fun learning Smile

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