Exchange: Setting Up Push Notifications for OWA (on Android and IOS)

Microsoft released a new mail client for Android and IOS called OWA (Outlook Web App). This app has many new capabilities and also supports push notifications to the device. One of my customers asked how to setup push notifications from Exchange 2013 on-premise infrastructure to their Apple and Android devices. With push notifications, the mail client on the Apple and Android mobile devices would get notifications when new e-mails come in and would update the display of the mail client to indicate the number of new mails that has arrived.


For more information on this capability, please review this video (at around the 14:16 min mark)

Typically, you would have to work with Apple and Google to use their push notification services to send notifications over their services to your mobile device. Now, Microsoft in the Office 365 services has already worked with Apple and Google to integrate their push notification services with Office 365.

Microsoft has also extended this relationship to on-premise Exchange configuration. The key is that the customer would need an Office 365 tenant that is tied to their on-premise Exchange organization. The on-premise Exchange would initiate the push notification to the Android/Apple device via the On-Premise Exchange > Office 365 Services > Google/Apple Push Notification Service > Mobile Device.

In this blog post, I walk through the steps that I went through in setting this configuration up in my lab.  See here for step by step:  2014-06-24-Setting-Up-Push-Notifications-For-OWA-Android-IOS

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