Azure: Setting Up Site to Site VPN between Azure and On-Premise

In this blog post, I record the process that I went through to:

  • Setup a site to site VPN from my on-premise lab network (simulating a corporate network) to Microsoft Azure
  • Setup a VM in Azure

This scenario simulates a situation where a customer wants to extend their on-premise environment to the Microsoft Azure cloud. A common example is where the customer wants to host machines in Microsoft Azure but needs access to resources on their corporate network (e.g. Active Directory, or Databases).


In this scenario, I am using on-premise Windows 2012 R2 Routing and Remote Access capability to serve as the endpoint for the Site-to-Site VPN tunnel from Azure.

For a step-by-step walkthrough, review the attached document:  2014-06-17-Deploying-AD-into-Azure-with-corporate-connectivity

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