Azure: How To Move A Virtual Machine Between Azure Cloud Services

I have been building a bunch of virtual machines (VM) in Microsoft Azure. Unfortunately, if you take the default set of options in the wizard, each virtual machine gets provisioned into a new cloud service. I was moving along and then got a warning that I had hit my limit of 20 cloud services. Hmm…

I started researching cloud services, availability sets, and virtual machines. Take a look at:


I determined that I could collapse and all of my VMs in a single cloud service. So, the question is: “How do I move my VM’s from their existing cloud service into one cloud service without losing my VMs?”

I discovered the procedure and document my approach in this blog post. After running through the procedure, I was able to reduce my number of cloud services down to 10 and still have my 24 VM’s running.


The procedure to move virtual machines between Azure Cloud Services is documented:  2014-06-09-Azure-Moving-VM-between-Cloud-Services

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