Technology: Adding Office 365 Tenant to Windows Azure Tenant

I have been working with Office 365.  Office 365 uses Microsoft Azure Active Directory as its directory.  I also have a Microsoft Azure Tenant.  I noticed that it had Active Directory services as well.  However, I didn’t see the users from my Office 365 tenant.  I was wondering if I could access the Office 365 accounts from my Office 365 tenant in my Azure Tenant.

It turns out that you can by adding the Office 365 global admin account to the Azure Tenant.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Login to your Azure tenant
  • Go to the Active Directory section
  • Press New


  • Select “Custom Create”


  • Select “Use existing directory”


  • You’ll sign out of your Azure tenant
  • Login with your Office 365 Global Admin account
  • It will be added to your Azure tenant as a global admin


  • Now, I can see my accounts in my Azure tenant as well as my accounts in my Office 365.  Yay!


  • So, you may ask why go to all this trouble to get access to my Office 365 directory inside my Azure tenant
  • I can now take advantage of the cool tools and capabilities inside Azure.
  • For example, the Azure reports are very handy




For more details, I reviewed the following articles:



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