Lync: Got BlackMagic DeckLink Duo to Work with Lync 2013

I talked to some teammates and they got the Blackmagic Dccklink card to work with Lync 2013.  I am having some video sync issues with the Osprey Capture card working with Lync 2013 so I  decided to go back and try the Blackmagic Card again.

I went and uninstalled the Blackmagic drivers and re-installed them.   Inside of Lync, the Blackmagic card appears as 4 video options (Decklink Video Capture and Blackmagic WDM Capture).  My Blackmagic Card (Decklink Duo) can take in 2 SDI Inputs so it makes sense that there are 2 Video Capture and 2 WDM Capture options, 1 for each SDI channel).

I tried the Decklink Video Capture options and couldn’t get either to work.  So, I tried the Blackmagic WDM Capture and I got it to work.


The key point to get it to work is to make sure that the video coming into Blackmagic matches the video setting in the Blackmagic software.  Select the “Camera Setting” option, and match up the Capture Card video setting with the input signal that is coming in.


Its funny that I am sending in 1080/60I into the BlackMagic card but I couldn’t get the BlackMagic to work with HD 1080 60 setting on the card (You see a Black screen on the Lync preview).  I switched to HD 1080i 59.94 on the Blackmagic setting and then I could see the preview.


Once I got this configured, I started a Lync meeting and invited folks to the meeting.  To focus upon this video stream, you can right-click the video and specify to “Lock The Video Spotlight”.

Once this is done, the other Lync attendees will see the video as:


The video above show a composite build of:

  • A background with graphics
  • A Windows 8.1 video feed from a computer showing in right frame
  • A camera feed of me in front of a green screen which is being super-imposed on a continuous running video clip of a mall with the water fountain running in the background.
  • An overlay with my name and title on my video feed

This image has many layers of video which are being composed on the Tricaster and fed into the Lync PC via the BlackMagic Decklink SDI capture card.

DISCLAIMER:  Note that this configuration is not a Microsoft supported configuration but is something that I built to support a requirement that I need to broadcast webcasts using Lync and I am sharing for information only.

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