Lync 2013: Presence not showing up in SharePoint

Hi.  I have been super busy so its has been difficult to find time to blog.  But, I have taken notes on a bunch of things that I wanted to share.  I have found that one of the primary reasons that I blog is to remind myself on fixes to problems that I have encountered in the past.  Today’s blog entry is one of those incidents.

I was using SharePoint 2013 and the Lync Presence was not showing in the SharePoint next to people’s names (see below).

image   image

I’m upset since I fixed this in the past and couldn’t remember the fix.  So after researching and testing and finally enlisting my SharePoint MCM buddy, Ali, he found the fix.  Which was …

There are a couple things to check if you encounter this issue:

  • Make sure that the SharePoint sites are on the list of Trusted Sites.  This can be done in Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites
  • I had done that and still no luck.
  • The actual fix was to disable Protected Mode.
  • In Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites, uncheck Protected Mode checkbox.  [Note:  Please understand the ramifications of disabled Protected Mode.]


  • Restart IE and ..   Yay!  It worked

image    image

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