Technology: Sharing Videos in your Lync Meetings

I recently got a customer request that they wanted to show a video through their Lync meetings.  With Lync, you can share presentations, whiteboard, your desktop, but sharing videos in the past has been a challenge.

Great News!  

Lync 2013 adds the capability to share videos during the meeting.

How Do You Do It?

You embed the video inside the presentation. The video file must be a mp4 format.

To perform this procedure, execute the following steps

  • Launch PowerPoint
  • Create a new slide
  • Select Insert from the Menu


  • Select Video and “Online Video” or “Video on my PC


  • Select a MP4 video and press Insert.


  • Notice the Play icon. Play the video inline in the PowerPoint presentation.


  • Save the presentation.
  • Upload the presentation into your Lync 2013 meeting.


  • That’s it. Now, you will be able to share videos through your Lync meetings.



Support Articles ; Lync 2013 does not play a media file in a shared PowerPoint presentation

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