Exchange 2013: Accessing the Exchange Admin Console

I recently installed Exchange 2013 into my lab running Exchange 2010.   A couple important changes occurred with Exchange 2013.   First, there is no Exchange Administrator MMC console in 2013.   All Exchange 2013 administration is handled via a web console called the Exchange Admin Center (or EAC for short).  

This is great except when I went to access the EAC by going to:  


I kept getting the Exchange 2010 control panel.


So, I thought that I was stuck since I had no way of administering the Exchange 2013 server.  The system was showing the Exchange 2010 console since my administrator account mailbox was still homed on Exchange 2010.  

After doing some research, I discovered that

“If you’re in a coexistence scenario, where you’re running Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 in the same organization, and your mailbox is still housed on the Exchange 2010 Mailbox server, the browser will default to the Exchange 2010 ECP. You can access the EAC by adding the Exchange version to the URL. For example, to access the EAC whose virtual directory is hosted on the Client Access server CAS15-NA, use the following URL: https://CAS15-NA/ecp?ExchClientVer=15. Conversely, if you want to access the Exchange 2010 ECP and your mailbox resides on an Exchange 2013 Mailbox server, use the following URL: https://CAS14-NA/ecp?ExchClientVer=14”  (taken from

so I executed the following command:  https://exch2013/ecp?ExchClientVer=15

and got the Exchange 2013 Admin Console.   Yay!


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