Technology: Lync 2013 Monitoring

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone.

I had a thought this morning of learning more about Lync 2013 monitoring.   So, I did some study and discovered in Lync 2013:

  • There isn’t a dedicated monitoring or archiving server role (as it was the case in Lync 2010)
  • Instead, the monitoring and archiving services are built into the front-end server
  • A backend SQL database is still required and must be setup.   The database can be SQL 2008 R2 or SQL 2012.
  • Lync leverages SQL Reporting services to generate the reports and includes a Lync Report pack.

For folks not familiar with the Lync Monitoring, this is a key capability that should be deployed with every Lync deployment.   It allows us to understand how Lync is being used (how many IM, conferences, calls, etc.).   Also, I would consider it a must for deployment when deploying Lync Voice.   Lync Voice is Lync’s capability to be used as a PBX.  When deploying Lync Voice, I recommend conducting a small pilot and including participants at multiple locations across the company.  Then, watch the Lync monitoring reports to analyze what the media quality.   This will give us a preliminary understanding of the network conditions and identify areas where network remediation may be required (more bandwidith, network issues (packet loss, latency, areas with missing QoS, etc).

Here is a look at the Lync 2013 Monitoring Reports Menu:


Here is a step by step build document:  Building the Lync 2013 Monitoring Server

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