Technology: Integrating Polycom Endpoints with Lync

In the last week, I have gotten a couple requests from customers asking how to  integrate Polycom videoconferencing endpoints with Microsoft Lync.   With the newer Polycom endpoints (HDX, RPX, OTX), they can directly register into Lync.   This means that on the Lync client, the Polycom endpoint’s appear like other Lync users.   This means that:

  • You can search for them in the Lync client (see below)
  • The Polycom’s endpoint presence indicate if they are in a Conference (Red) or Available (Green).
  • You can right-click them and start a Video Call.
  • You can also drag and drop them into a meeting and add them to an existing Lync Video call to participate in multi-party video.


The high level steps to setup this integration are:

  • Create accounts for the Polycom endpoints in Active Directory.   Give them a name that is relevant to their location (e.g. Polycom Irvine Conference Room HDX)
  • Enable the accounts in Lync
  • Upgrade the Polycom videoconferencing endpoint’s firmware to the version that supports Lync integration (RTV and CCCP)
  • Configure the Polycom endpoint.   The endpoint will need the Lync server information and the account that has been provisioned for it.  Once configured, it will login into Lync as if it were a Lync user.

A detailed description of this process is documented in this Polycom document.    Also Jeff Schertz has written a great blog article on this integration.

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