Technology: Recreating A Missing Public Folder Database

One of my customers ran into an issue where he was migrating from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2010.   He was building the Exchange 2010  environment.   After he had gotten the first mailbox server online, he lost the storage associated with the server.   The SAN team reclaimed or manipulated the storage.


So, he was left with his mail and public folder databases offline in Exchange Management Console.  He had managed to get new storage and recreate a mail database.  However, he couldn’t delete the existing public folder databases and he couldn’t create a new public folder database since one already existed.   Hence, he was stuck.


We used the Move-DatabasePath command with the Configurationonly switch.   See the following article for more details:

Here is a sample of the command that we used:

Move-DatabasePathIdentity Public Folder DB name” –EdbFilePathpath to new PF DB storage and the PF DB edb filename, e.g. C:\NewFolder\pfdb.edb” –LogFolderPathpath to log file folder”ConfigurationOnly

This tells Exchange that the PF DB is located in a new location and it doesn’t attempt to move any files.   From there, we mounted the PF database in EMC.  When EMC attempted to mount the PF DB and noticed that the PF DB wasn’t there, it prompted to create a new PF DB.  We selected yes and a new PF DB was created.

Now, he was off and running again.

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