Technology: Lync Skill Based Search and Basic Troubleshooting

Lync 2010 introduced a great new capability to enable people to find experts in the company called Skill Based Search. With Skill Based Search, people can search for other people based upon expertise. For example, suppose, I got a question from a customer on SharePoint. I know that there is someone in Microsoft that would know the answer but may not know who that person is. So, rather than hunt around the office, I could leverage the Skill Search inside Lync. I would enter “SharePoint” into the Skill Based Search and it would return all the folks who are SharePoint experts in the company.

In the screens below, suppose I am looking for someone in Sales. I enter Sales into Lync (screen 2 below) and notice that no results are found since there is no one in the company with the name “Sales”. However when I press the “Skill” button, Lync returns all the folks in the company with Sales in their profile.

clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006

The capability is provided by an integration between Lync and Sharepoint. Sharepoint has a capability called MySites. MySites are a kind of corporate Linked In system where there are profiles of everyone in the company. Some information on the Mysite can be synced in from other systems and some information may be user entered. This capability allows our enterprise customers to build a corporate skills directory. Lync leverages this directory in the Skill Based Search.

I have documented the steps to enable Lync Skills Based Search and perform some basic troubleshooting in the document below.

How to Enable Skills Based Search Inside Lync and Some Basic Troubleshooting Steps

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