Family: Kaizen – Continuous Daily Improvement

One of the core values in our family is Kaizen which I explain to them is continuous daily improvement.  My kids are all in school and one of the challenges is tests.  One of my sons didn’t do so well on a Health exam.  I have noticed that kids (and even adults) tend to give up or pull back from doing things that they aren’t successful at on the first attempt.

We discussed our family value, Kaizen.  I explained that I didn’t expect him to be an expert in anything right off the bat.  Most successful people are NOT champions right off the bat, but through continuous daily improvement become masters in their area of focus.  So, if he studied a little each day, his knowledge in the weak area (e.g., Health) would improve.   Over time with Kaizen, he could become an expert in anything (even Health).

For me, being an example is key to leading my family.  So, I explained how I am exercising each day to get into better health.   Also, I focus daily upon my personal development (e.g. reading about real estate investing and technology) and practice Kaizen!

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